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Costumer feedback

VALKOVI GROUP LTD - auto service, auto parts and consumables

22.04.2019 "My customers are happy with the results of their engines, they say the engine's performance is quieter, they've started to burn less oil ... after using Midland and for a longer mileage, the oil retains its properties."

Dian Valkov, Valentin Valkov, Valkovi Group Ltd., auto service, auto parts and consumables

VELTRANS LTD - transport company

25.03.2019 "... Veltrans trusts Midland, proofing is our oldest Ducati 2.8 TDI at 450,000,000 miles, with nothing changed in engine and transmission, but  it use only Midland..."

Kiril Velichkov, Veltrans Ltd., Transport company

MOTOSTAR 777 LTD - motor parts, consumables and accessories

04.03.2019 "After years of conundrum, what oil to use, what is real and what you are doing, and after trying out all the brands I met the Midland brand, I have been using it for cars and motorcycles for 18 years now, I am pleased, my customers also do not touch the oil spends the engine running smoothly, on soft work without noises. "

Alexander Karchev, Motostar 777 Ltd., motor parts, consumables and accessories

AIR TECH SYSTEMS LTD - repair and maintenance of heavy machinery

30.01.2019 "... Thanks to its rich assortment, large stock and well-trained staff, Midland Ltd manages to select the best products to meet the requirements of its customers ... After the start of our joint activity we are witnesses of trust , honesty and high professionalism. "

Nikolay Kolev, Air Tech Systems Ltd., repair and maintenance of heavy machinery


TRIERRA FAM BULGARIA LTD - import and trade of industrial and motor oils

15.09.2018 "... Before working with Midland, we did not have the opportunity to offer a competitive quality brand that is analogous to the other products of renowned manufacturers in the industry."

eng. Krassimir Markov and Nikolay Bayraktarov, Triera Pham Bulgaria EOOD, oil trade

SKB TRANS LTD. - transport company

13.04.2018 "... In the years of our cooperation, Midland Ltd. has proved to be an extremely loyal partner in supplying and delivering quality lubricants, fully compliant with the European standards in force, accompanied by the necessary documents from the manufacturer."

Alexandar Bikov, SKB Trans Ltd., transport company
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