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Specially blended machine way and slide lubricant. Extreme pressure oil developed for the lubrication of machine tool ways and slides to eliminate or minimize stick-slip and table chattering and assure smooth table action even at slow speeds operating under heavy  workloads. Stick-slip, or chattering is an erratic or non-uniform momentary stoppage of travel, due to interlocking and welding of minute high spots on the mating way surfaces, with rapid movement after adhesion is broken. This can result in poor finish or inaccuracy of the part being
machined. SUPERGLIDE possess outstanding lubricity, adhesiveness, exceptional load carrying
capability, water resistance, metal wetting properties and stability.


Drum of 180 kg (ca. 209 L) - SUPERGLIDE ISO 68
Drum of 180 kg (ca. 206 L) - SUPERGLIDE ISO 150
Drum of 180 kg (ca. 203 L) - SUPERGLIDE ISO 220
Technical data SUPERGLIDE ISO 68 1 Mb (pdf) view
Technical data SUPERGLIDE ISO 150 1 Mb (pdf) view
Technical data SUPERGLIDE ISO 220 1 Mb (pdf) view
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